Ohhhhh boy!!!! I sure love sandwiches!!!
This is a quick, short game I made within about 2 hours? It's a bit of an abstract kind of text based game I made to try out a few ideas, but hopefully it's at least a little enjoyable!
Personal notes:
I made this quickly, based on some of the issues I'm facing as I'm getting into the end of my first semester in college.

This is actually the first game I've made in a while, so take it easy on me? :p, lol. I am studying game design, though, so if you have any advice I'd love to hear it! Although the game is short, so it's probably hard to give much in depth critique!

I'm also a poor college student, so if you feel moved to donate, any amount at all, I would appreciate you and adore you foreeeeveeerr!

If there's anything you want to discuss, please, contact me!

Thanks for playing!